Pickworth — A small town in my dreams

The Town of Pickworth

The town of Pickworth features in several stories written by Meg Leigh or Kalita Kasar. It is one of the things that readers email me about most often, wanting to know where they can find out more about the town.

I’m always thrilled when this happens because as real as it may seem, Pickworth exists only in my very fertile imagination. I guess you could say it’s the place I would retire to if I could.

Saying that it is fictional though, doesn’t mean that the town is completely made up. Many of the landmarks mentioned in the town do really exist (by other names of course) in the real world.

I thought it might be fun to give you a virtual tour of Pickworth, so here goes.

One place that is mentioned over and over in my Pickworth stories is “Simon’s Beach.” Features of Simon’s Beach include, the view of sailing craft on the bay, the boardwalk where my characters have strolled, or stolen first kisses, and The Esplanade a street which runs parallel to the foreshore.

Simon’s Beach:

This is an amalgum of two beaches which have featured in my life. The first is a lovely spot from Geelong, Victoria my town of birth and the place where I spent many a summer day with my sisters, cousins, friends and extended family. It is a beautiful, historic place which was first opened to the public in the 1930s and has been popular ever since. Here you’ll find the boardwalk that my characters talk about and walk along, and the beautiful bathing area and cement kiddies pool.

Eastern Beach Geelong (Simon’s Beach Pickworth)

The view as Lionel sees it in part of “Guardian”

The second beach that forms part of “Simon’s Beach” in my mind is Sutton’s Beach in Queensland.

Sutton’s Beach Queensland, Australia

Another view of Sutton’s Beach

The Esplanade

Because so much of Australia’s population lives in coastal towns, you will find an “Esplanade” in many Australian towns, and Pickworth is no exception. There’s no particular “Esplanade” that comes to mind when I think of Pickworth, but for interests sake, I will tell you about the one Esplanade I would truly love to visit.

Cairns Esplanade, Queensland.

The Esplanade in Cairns is not only a beautiful tropical location, but has been known as a gay beat in Queensland since the 1800s. One of my biggest ambitions is to visit Cairns sometime in the near future and see The Esplanade for myself. I guess if I was thinking of any particular place in reference to Pickworth’s “Esplanade” this place would come pretty close.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Pickworth. I’m sure that as more stories are written, I will add more information and pictures to this virtual tour, so check back now and then to see what’s new!

Pickworth can be found in the following stories by Meg or Kalita

Single Shot: Guardian by Kalita Kasar

Office Politics (In Taste Test Office Relations) by Kalita Kasar

Coffee Kisses A sip by Meg Leigh

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