Free Fiction

This is really just a place holder page to show that there are some free stories available here. If you click the links in the sidebar under this one, that will take you to the stories, but I have also listed them below for your ease of navigation.

Hunter’s Series

How to Whip Cream: by Meg Leigh

A side story to my Hunter’s Series. It’s Casey’s birthday and Jack is doing his best to make sure that Case has a really good time.

The Naughty List: by Meg Leigh

A Holiday themed story and sequel to my sip Hunter’s Bond.


Bridge Across Tomorrow (Prologue) By Meg Leigh

A prologue for a sci-fi novel I started some time ago and have since abandoned. It’s dark and atmospheric, an exercise in scene setting more than anything. Enjoy!


The Woman By Meg Leigh

A dark piece of writing I did some time ago now, just a little short story that popped into my head. It is set in some kind of future-post-apocalyptic kind of world. I just saw this tired woman in my minds eye and started to write about her. This story is the result.