Jack & Casey Series

None So Blind
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When a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic meets a starry-eyed psychic, sparks are sure to fly. Can they resolve their differences and find a future together?

Jack Stephens is a skeptic who lectures in Parapsychology at a community college. In his spare time, he works hard to prove that things going bump in the night have rational explanations. When Jack meets psychic, Casey Lambeth, he sees yet another chance to debunk paranormal phenomena. But there is something about Casey that defies explanation. When they’re thrown together to investigate a haunting at Edith Andrews’s home, sparks begin to fly. As they work on the case, Jack and Casey are forced to face some issues from their pasts. Together they work their way towards understanding, respect, and possibly something more…

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Part 2

Hell Cat (Work in Progress)

Hell Cat

Nothing ever happens in sleepy hollow towns like Mapleford, Wisconsin. At least that’s been the status quo for the past one hundred years. Now, something deadly lurks in the shadows outside the town–and it’s killing Mapleford’s youth.

Professor Jack Stevens and his Partner Casey Lambeth decide to investigate after reading reports of the ‘big cat’ sighted near the town in recent days.

What they find is a town that doesn’t want to talk about it…youngsters who ‘circle the wagons’ and a force of evil unlike any they could have imagined.

Hell Cat will be released some time in the future. At this time I don’t have a publishing date for it.

Part 3

First Blood - High Resolution
First Blood: A Jack & Casey Novelette:

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Paranormal investigators Jack and Casey have had some close calls in their time, but in this instance an error in judgment nearly costs both of them their lives. Casey is bitten, and must take his ‘first blood’ – Jack – in order to become immortal. Can Jack, aided by friend Malcolm Quinn find a way to reverse the effects of the vampire’s bite before it is too late?

This Novelette combines Hunter’s Bond, originally published as a Sip, and Hunter’s Kiss, originally published in Another Fine Mess.

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Free Reads in this series:

How to Whip Cream:

A side story to my Hunter’s Series. It’s Casey’s birthday and Jack is doing his best to make sure that Case has a really good time.

The Naughty List:

A Holiday themed story and sequel to my sip Hunter’s Bond.