Brisbane Flood Photos

The following photos were taken by my daughter’s partner in the early days of the flood crisis in Brisbane Australia. You can view the originals at

Brisbane several days before the flooding
Brisbane City, several days before the floods

Brisbane River level as of 4:30pm 11/1/2011

Brisbane’s Floating walkway, one of the sections with foundations rather than floatations
The black object further out in the river is a pontoon which has broken loose from a private jetty.
It is estimated that hundreds of pontoons have come adrift from their moorings (many with boats tied to them) and drifted to sea, or sunk in the river.

New Farm, Brisbane 12/1/2011
Ferry, anyone? Pass! The jetty should be well above water, and that sign should be on dry land!

Kevin Rudd in West End 12/1/2011
Former Australian Prime Minister (Now Minister for foreign affairs)
Kevin Rudd chats with locals at Brisbane’s West End. He’s also been helping
People to evacuate, or clean up after the floods in his electorate.

West End, Brisbane 12/1/2011
A street in Brisbane’s West End showing the depth of flood waters.

View the rest of this collection at Flickr.

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