Checking In

I have been dismally absent from this blog of late and I apologize for that. All I can say is that real life stuff has had to take priority. I’ve been supporting my daughter through minor surgery, sorting stuff out at home, and yes, in between, goofing off a whole lot on the internet, but not blogging here or working on the WIP.

Today, Australia gets to decide who we want to lead the nation for the next three years. It’s a grand choice we have, too.

We can choose a right wing, conservative nincompoop who can’t string two words together, and who is a better marathon runner than he is a political leader (IMO).


We can choose a woman who, with the aid of party members, rolled the PM elect in a leadership coup which led to this whole election thing going down.

Frankly, I liked the PM we had but, unfortunately for him, his party perceived that he was not as popular so they rolled him in favour of the current leader and Australia now gets to decide whether to keep her, or not.

There is a third candidate who is only running for the Senate but many have expressed the wish that he was running for PM. I think if he were able to, he’d give the other two a run for their money.

Oh well, must go to the polling booth and do my civic duty, I suppose. I don’t know… I was happy with things the way they were.

I now return you to our regularly scheduled silence.

About megleigh

When not busy writing, Meg Leigh spends her time tending to the most pampered flock of chickens on Australia’s east coast. She would really like to have dragons, but has settled for chickens because they come pretty close. If you need proof of this, try offering a flock of chickens raw meat! (Meg would like to advise she accepts no liability for loss of fingers!) Meg also enjoys reading, keeping fit with her bunch of madcap mates at the local park, and spending time with her adult offspring whenever their schedules allow.
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