Losing Touch

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“Is there someone important in your life that you have lost touch with? Why do we allow ourselves to get so busy that we place our friendships on the backburner?”

Yes, I believe that there are several people I’ve known throughout my life that I could place into this category. Friends from my childhood, former workmates etc. But there are two people in particular who came to mind when I read this question. The first is my best childhood friend, Leonie. I’ve thought about her often over the years since I last saw her, and wondered what she would think if she and I were to meet again and catch up. The last time I saw Leonie, she’d come to Queensland for a visit after receiving a small windfall from the lottery and was looking to buy a business up here. She visited me at my home and we caught up with each other’s news. It was like no time had really passed at all and we simply picked up the threads of our friendship and re-knitted them with a couple of hours chat over coffee. I miss her. I’ve tried searching for her on facebook, but without so much as an email address to work with, it’s been futile.
The second person who comes to mind is a former work colleague who helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I suffered a break down. His name was Michael and his nickname online, Mikar. I called him Mikar. This guy was a great encouragement to me with my writing. He was a good friend and I owe him a lot. I did find him on facebook, but he’s not very active on the site, so we don’t keep in touch.
I wonder why we do let friendships slide to the back burner? Especially those like the ones I described above? I guess it’s because we get busy, or because the purpose that person was to serve in our lives might already have been fulfilled. It’s sad, in a way, but at the same time, one would think that if it meant so much, we’d be more diligent in getting back in touch. I know I am such a slacker about that.
Why do you think that friendships are allowed to slide like this?

About megleigh

When not busy writing, Meg Leigh spends her time tending to the most pampered flock of chickens on Australia’s east coast. She would really like to have dragons, but has settled for chickens because they come pretty close. If you need proof of this, try offering a flock of chickens raw meat! (Meg would like to advise she accepts no liability for loss of fingers!) Meg also enjoys reading, keeping fit with her bunch of madcap mates at the local park, and spending time with her adult offspring whenever their schedules allow.
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