Friday Five

  1. What is your laundry basket like?
  2. My laundry basket? Hm…to tell you the truth, I am not sure. I know there is one, it’s in the corner of the bedroom and I toss things in it’s general direction when I am done wearing them. Once a week or so, it vanishes and comes back later that same day, empty. Also on that day, a pile of clean laundry arrives on the chair by my side of the bed. I think my partner has a hand in this. I love her for it, and in return, I get to clean the bathroom and scrub the toilet.

  3. What in your life is threatening to go to hell in a handbasket?
  4. I’ve threatened to send my cat to hell in a handbasket once or twice. Does that count?

  5. What was the occasion for your receiving your last gift basket, and what was in it?
  6. The last gift basket I received. Hm that’s a tough one, actually, it’s been quite some time since I received one. The last time I recall getting one was when my youngest child was born. That contained a bunch of baby care products, some hand lotion, a book, some scented bath oil and some flowers. That was 18 years ago. Anyone wants to send me another one sometime soon, I won’t object!

  7. When could you last have been described as a basket case?
  8. Oh, I can always be described as a basket case. I think it’s actually my middle name!

  9. How’s your bread basket?
  10. Smaller than it used to be. I’ve lost over 100 pounds!

About megleigh

When not busy writing, Meg Leigh spends her time tending to the most pampered flock of chickens on Australia’s east coast. She would really like to have dragons, but has settled for chickens because they come pretty close. If you need proof of this, try offering a flock of chickens raw meat! (Meg would like to advise she accepts no liability for loss of fingers!) Meg also enjoys reading, keeping fit with her bunch of madcap mates at the local park, and spending time with her adult offspring whenever their schedules allow.
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