Writing and daydreams

Well, it seems like my slave driving muse is well and truly back from vacation mode. I finished chapter nineteen of The Colt, last night and the muse is already whispering in my ear about ideas for chapter twenty.

Meanwhile my lazy streak seems to be alive and well too. I’ve been daydreaming today about a mini vacation…yeah, I know I just got home from one, but I’ve got a yen to see Cairns, or Townsville, maybe both. I’m getting good at this solo vacation thing, although it would be nice if someone would  go with me, but everyone I know who might possibly travel with me is either too far away, too busy with work, too broke, (not that I am rich by any means) or too busy with studies. Hmmm.

So if I want to see more of Australia (and I do!) then I will just have to travel solo.

I wonder when mosquito season in Tropical Queensland ends, or at least lulls–’cause, even though the thought of tropical beaches, white sand, blue water and all of that appeals to me, at the same time, Dengue Fever could put a real damper on my vacation.

I figure I need at least 5-6 months for my bank account to recover before I can consider it seriously, so that will give me time to research and might even allow enough time for the current dengue outbreaks to settle.

Ah day dreaming…tis a wonderful distraction!

The Colt

31133 / 50000 words. 62% done!

About megleigh

When not busy writing, Meg Leigh spends her time tending to the most pampered flock of chickens on Australia’s east coast. She would really like to have dragons, but has settled for chickens because they come pretty close. If you need proof of this, try offering a flock of chickens raw meat! (Meg would like to advise she accepts no liability for loss of fingers!) Meg also enjoys reading, keeping fit with her bunch of madcap mates at the local park, and spending time with her adult offspring whenever their schedules allow.
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