The Weekend


I left from Brisbane Airport aboard a Virgin Blue flight, on Saturday afternoon. I have got to say here, that I was as always very impressed with the staff and service of Virgin Blue. They’re great and don’t feel like a ‘budget’ airline in the least. The staff are always happy, smiling, polite and very helpful. Can’t say the same for Jet Star…the last time I flew with them, WAS the last time! (nuff said).

Anyway, the plane boarded smoothly and got away on time, but we stopped at the entrance of the runway to give way to three other aircraft coming in to land. A little boy who must’ve always been told that the car won’t go anywhere until he has his seat belt fastened made the whole plane crack up by calling out “Okay, I’ve got my seat belt!” It was very cute and he did it a couple of times before the plane finally was cleared and roared along the runway for takeoff.

The flight is quite short, only 43 minutes from Brisbane to Rockhampton, but food and drinks were still served. I didn’t have anything as there’d been some turbulance and I felt a bit sick to my stomach. Added to that, I was sitting next to a guy who sweated, muttered to himself, kept counting off something on his fingers and looking around nervously. I was tempted at one point to ask him where the bomb was planted so I could get as far away from it, and him as I could…he made me very nervous! I guess maybe he’d forgotten something, or was anxious about what he needed to do once he arrived, since the plane landed in Rockhampton without incident.

My sister was waiting to greet me at the gate as I walked off the plane. It was HOT and HUMID! I’d forgotten just how hot it can get in “Rocky” as the town is affectionately called by locals. It is a rleatively large town center located on the Tropic of Capricorn, so definitely a tropical climate as opposed to the sub-tropical region I live in.

I didn’t get much time, this being only a weekend trip, to take photos of the scenery, but I plan to go back for a longer trip later on. If Sandra comes with me, we might get some nice photos then.

Karen contacted my uncle to let him know I was in town, and he and my cousin Tracy came over during the evening for a visit. Tracye brought her dog, Hoover, with her. He’s such a cute pup. Staffordhsire Bull Terrior, Labrador X and full of energy. I forgot to take a photo of him, or his ‘mum and granddad!’ *rolls eyes* Hoover was dumped in Lionel and Tracy’s front yard when he was about three weeks old. I couldn’t believe how, or why anyone would dump such a pretty pup. But at least “Hoovie” landed in a place where he would be taken in and loved. Lionel said that other litter mates were dumped at various houses in their area. How cruel.

After Lionel and Tracy left, we had dinner, a delicious egg and bacon pie Karen made, and salad. I made a pig of myself as I tend to do when Karen cooks. She’s good at it!

We sat up talking until about 3AM and then shuffled off to bed, remembering that Sunday was the day we were going to see Charmaine Wilson’s “Spirit Whispers” show at the Pilbeam Theater.


I dragged myself out of bed about 10am and was almost bowled over by the heat and humidity again, upon leaving the air conditioned comfort of my bedroom. A quick cup of coffee, and then a cold shower did much to revive me and then we set off into town, to do some shopping for incidentals (mainly cold softdrinks) before heading to the Pilbeam for Charmaine’s show. We’d both got tickets to the show and I was surprised to discover my seat was in the front row. Karen was in the row behind me and we could see each other from where we were sitting.

Charmaine Wilson was voted Australia’s Best Psychic Medium on a television program called “The One” which aired on Channel 7 back in 2008. She is a friendly, down to earth and forthright person with a passion to reunite people with the spirit of their departed loved ones. She is also passionate about helping people suffering from depression to get help and treatment. Her Show was fast paced and interesting and I felt privileged to be there. Even though I didn’t get a reading, I was fascinated with watching her work, and hearing the validations she gave to the people she did read. It was a magical experience and well worth the trip!

07032010(001).jpg 07032010803.jpg
Image #1: Karen, Charmaine and me Image #2: Charmaine and me (Charmaine rolling her eyes and teasing her hubby for not knowing how my camera worked)

After the show, we went back to Karen’s house and I was treated to roast chicken, roast vegetables and salad for dinner. It was delicious. I always feel so spoiled at Karen’s house!


Monday was the last day of my mini-vacation and we’d arranged to get together with our niece, Del for lunch. We went into town and I was amused by the fact that the taxi driver seemed to know my sister. But when we got into town and then took a second cab to meet Del, I was even more amused and amazed that the second cabbie knew her even better. My sister does tarot readings and this cab driver had obviously been to have one. I don’t know why that was so amusing, because I suppose, with me living in an even smaller town than Rockhampton, if I was a regular cab user they’d know me too.

I joked with Karen about a headline from the local paper which read: “Danger Head’s South.”

“They must know I am going home today,” I said. “I can’t escape the paparazzi no matter where I go!” I said that it was quite funny in a way, because due to the flood disasters in parts of Northern QLD when I headed off to Rockhampton on Saturday, there’d been headlines along the lines of “Disaster hits North Queensland” that day, too. We thought it was amusing. YMMV. hehe!

We met Del in the city and went to a little Chinese cafe called Feast on East (East St. Rockhampton) let me tell you, if you ever go to Rockhampton and want a good place to eat, Feast on East is it! Karen and I both ordered stir fried rice and it was absolutely delicious. Again, I suffered from camera amnesia and didn’t take a photo of the food before it was eaten. *rolls eyes* I did get photos of myself with Del, though.

Me with Del at Feast on East.

I spent Monday afternoon napping in my air conditioned bedroom (did I mention I loved the aircon in the bedroom?) while Karen had a client come by for a reading.

At 4PM we set off for the airport only to find that alarms were going off everywhere and the arrivals area had been evacuated. Someone worse than me must have arrived in town. 😉

I checked in, made my way through security and to the boarding lounge to wait for my flight. It was a much smoother flight home and I didn’t get any airsickness, which was fortunate, because I’d forgotten to take my ‘travel calm’ pills before take off!

Sandra was at the airport to meet me, and we drove home to the Sunshine Coast, with a brief stop at McDonalds on the way for dinner. I went to bed early for me (ie: before 2am) and slept very soundly until about 10AM this morning.


When I got up, I came to my computer to find a LOT of email awaiting my attention. I am still digging through it, but one of the emails was in relation to a review of To Love and To Cherish in the SF Examiner. I was thrilled to read the review, written by Victor J Banis, who loved the anthology, and even more flattered and suprised that my story was mentioned in the review. You can read it at the SF Examiner’s website.

I had a wonderful mini-vacation, but it is also nice to be home. It’s a fair bit cooler down here than it was up in the tropics! Right now, though I am thinking an afternoon nap sounds pretty good. I need a week to recover from my lightning fast two day vacation!

About megleigh

When not busy writing, Meg Leigh spends her time tending to the most pampered flock of chickens on Australia’s east coast. She would really like to have dragons, but has settled for chickens because they come pretty close. If you need proof of this, try offering a flock of chickens raw meat! (Meg would like to advise she accepts no liability for loss of fingers!) Meg also enjoys reading, keeping fit with her bunch of madcap mates at the local park, and spending time with her adult offspring whenever their schedules allow.
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2 Responses to The Weekend

  1. Karen says:

    I’m glad you had a good time sisy! You like my cooking as well.
    Charmaine was totally awesome she is a great assest to the spirit world! Hope next time Sandra can come to visit we still have the zoo,caves & beach to visit lol.

    • megleigh says:

      Yep, it was a great weekend, Sis. Hopefully next time I come up, I will have more time and remember to take more photos! Thanks for having me, and I hope that Glen is feeling better! Love ya!

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