Meeting New Characters

One of the things I love about writing is when I get to introduce a new character into my plot. It is always fun, meeting this new person, even if I have known that they were going to enter the scene, it’s still like meeting a new friend, for me.

Yesterday I had a new character come into the storyline of The Colt and it was so good to meet her, at last. She’d kind of been in the story a little while but only over the telephone up ’til then.

In the scene I wrote yesterday my protag met her in person for the first time and I was happy to finally get to ‘see’ her as well.

Her name is Colleen Bates and she is a PA at the tv studio where my protagonist, Marcus works.

Colleen Bates. PA

She feels good, like when you meet someone and you just click with them immediately and know you’re going to be great friends.Given this is a M/M romance, she is not a love interest for either protagonist. Just a good friend to one of them, and to become so to the other.

I love this stuff!

Got 690 words done yesterday, and had fun doing them.

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