A duh moment

I seem to be making good progress on the WIP (The Colt) again, now that the funk has broken, but had to chuckle at myself this morning when I had a bit of a ‘duh!’ moment. I’ve been tapping away at the keys, progressing my plot when all of a sudden, I thought hang on…

I’ve got one protag in the hospital after a severe bashing, the other one lovingly dancing attendance at the bedside, all nice and cozy but wait…shouldn’t the cops be just a little bit interested in all these goings on? Yeah, I had forgotten that the cops tend to look into assault cases. *rolling eyes at self* Mind you, it wasn’t too long since the bashing that I recalled this vital detail, so it won’t be a problem to put it in. I won’t even need to go back and rewrite stuff.

I post this only as a demonstration to readers that writers don’t always think of everything from the start. LOL!

Also, a quick shout out to our first Olympic Athlete to win Gold at these Winter Olympics Congratulations, Torah Bright!

The Colt

27172 / 50000 words. 54% done!

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