If you were a pirate, what would your piratey name be?

I have always liked the surname Kidd for pirates. It just has that ring to it, yakno? I think if I were to become a pirate, I would name myself Mordhena (pronounced Mor-THAN-a) Kidd. Which would sound like More than a kid, when said aloud. I kinda like the sound of that.

I’ve never written anything about pirates, but in my novella The Keeper there is a letter of mark captain (legal pirate) named Julian Balfour. He’s very handsome, dashing and heroic. Here’s a snippet from The Keeper featuring Captain Balfour and the young man, Lucien who is in love with the handsome ‘capitan’ from a distance.

Seated at a table in the Golden Ball Alehouse with Lucien, Chambellan glanced up when Julian Balfour strode in from the street and made his way to them.
Taking off his cloak, Julian slung it over the back of a chair and then removed his hat before he sat down.
“What news?” Chambellan asked.
“Jamieson has the boy.” He sat back, meeting Chambellan’s eyes. “And a pluckier young fellow one could never hope to meet. I did not even need to inquire, for the lad raised the alarm as soon as I was admitted to the dwelling.”
Chambellan growled and got to his feet. “Then we shall go and retrieve him.”
“Yes, yes, all in good time, my friend.” Julian smiled. He studied the keeper’s face a moment and then gestured for Chambellan to sit down. “I availed myself of the opportunity to spy out the place before I called upon the gentleman.” He took a sheet of paper from a pocket and unfolded it. “I made a diagram of the layout. The shop backs onto a lane, here,” he indicated on his roughly drawn map. “There is a rear entrance to the private part of the shop. It is just a plain, wood panel door. It should not give you any trouble to open.”
Chambellan nodded and looked into Julian’s eyes. “We will go tonight.” His tone brooked no argument.
“Yes, I should think we’d better, lest Jamieson suspects that my visit was more than just one merchant to another.” He glanced at Lucien, who had listened quietly to the exchange. “I trust you are game for a fight. For if we are discovered there will be one, most assuredly.”

“I am not afraid, mon capitan.” Lucien met Julian’s gaze levelly. “I only want to see Thomas again and to know that he is all right.”
“Good lad.” Julian stood. “I will order some supper and wine. A battle is best fought on a full stomach.”

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