Book Rec: Monster – Joely Skye

Monster Monster by Joely Skye

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kir is a “Minder” a mutant, gifted with psychic abilities which make it possible for him to control and manipulate anyone with just a word and the exertion of his psychic powers over them.

Josh is a man hired to hunt and capture Kir for the mysterious “Agency” which is dedicated to keeping and controlling minders. When Josh captures his target and takes him back to a ‘safe house’ he is appalled at the treatment that Kir receives from the agency’s “keeper” and decides to help Kir escape.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed this story, although it was quite short, only 20k words or so, but it is the first in a series so I know there is more out there. I liked the world building and characterization and the psi elements intrigued me. From the moment that Josh was introduced, I was caught up in the story. It opens with Josh pursuing Kir through a park on a weekend, and it felt extra chilling because while this desperate chase is going on, ‘citizens’ are enjoying a pleasant family day in the park.

Josh captures Kir and takes him to an assigned ‘safe house’ but is very quickly appalled by the way Kir is treated and ‘decides’ to help him, although neither Josh nor I was every really certain it was a voluntary decision or if Kir had manipulated him.

The tale contains a lot of twists and turns which kept me guessing and I can’t say too much without giving away the plot, but I definitely recommend it, and will be looking for others in this series.

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